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Teaching of the Ways [Jan. 24th, 2011|10:33 am]
Seattle Area Role Players


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purrzah and I began teaching an adolescent how to be involved and effective within an role-playing group, this last weekend. We found ourselves entertaining this 13 year old as her parents were occupied with an emergency situation, and the girl wished to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons (4E). As I'd spoken with her mother about this previously, the weekend proved to be as good a time as any to start the process.

Before Purr got home, the child arrived at our place of residence, and I proceeded to bounce ideas back and forth with her. We ended up talking about Shadowrun, and she even made up a character for that game, though we didn't play it. Then, we started the process of working up her character (A Tiefling Shaman) and once Purrzah was back, we had the basics down and the two of them were able to flesh out the rest of her character while Purr made her own character (A half-elf Ranger) for the game.

It actually went well. The child was a bit hyper and excited, but we got through their opener of how they met up, both delving into the role of their characters and actually acting out the scene fairly well, and even just managed to finish a combat against a small patrol of hobgoblins (The Tribe of the Red Fist) that had taken control of the area they were wandering through. We left off with them on their way to the Forest of Darkwyre, set on a quest by the shadow presence that the Tiefling was in a pact with.

The girl began into the rapid-fire discussion of her character and the adventure with her parents, once they arrived to pick her up, which both were laughing about. And her mother made the comment of tribal societies leaving their children to be taught The Ways by other members of the tribe; to her, this was her way of doing that with her daughter, which I found to make a lot of sense and be quite humorous, too. I'm considering working on keeping a journal of The Teaching of The Ways, for other role-players to see, enjoy and comment on, as we continue the adventures of The Quest To Darkwyre.